1.  English Classrooms

It is a training manual accompanied by a VCD and an audio cassette. Written in a simple, non – technical style, the manual lends itself to experiential learning both in product as well as in process. It equips any teacher with reasonable language ability to shoulder the role of a trainers / facilitator for teacher development courses at the primary level. Though planned for 10 days, the built – in flexibility allows it to be tailored according.

The manual aims at: improving the communicative abilities of teachers both as language users and teachers of English. providing an experience in new trends in language teaching to help them evolve and develop a sense of ownership to these practices. enabling the trainers and teachers to evolve continuous and comprehensive assessment as an integral part of the training. The English Classroom comprises 38 activities spread over 10 days. Each activity has 3 parts (appendix-8). Part one introduces the concept through an activity, the second exploits the data from the first to focus on linguistic component and the third leads to application (of the experiences in first and second parts) in the classroom situation. It also provides opportunities to explore the textbooks (prescribed) in a systematic manner. In terms of enrichment of vocabulary of everyday use 200 words are explicitly introduced. In addition manual also has:

    ¬ Instructions to the trainer for organizing the training programme.
    ¬ Short notes on topics such as tense, language learning, gender, LSRW, handwriting, media
    ¬ Compendium of journal articles

2.  Teacher Development Talk

This book which is part of the training package consists of 11 units and an audio cassette. Each unit helps the reader to raise questions, get clarifications and explore the concepts further, with the help of suggested classroom activities. This also encourages designing activities. It includes an audio cassette of sounds, stress and intonation which have day to day relevance to the classroom teacher.

3.  Accidentally Yours - A book of poems

Dr. T.K. Ravindran

 This anthology of 65 poems explores the changing panorama of the human psyche. The vibrant images stem from a direct confrontation of life with death.  The book is a rich legacy of emotional experience, poetic craft and literary callisthenics.



4.  English sound and spelling – A source book

Ganesh Bagchi

Correct spelling is an index of quality of one’s education in English.  This source book assists in developing a clear pattern of correct spelling and sounds.

Rs.  16.00

5 .English sound and spelling – Areas of difficulty

Ganesh Bagchi

It sets forth a criteria for selection and grouping of words based on areas of difficulty and devises strategies for tackling the problem of learning and teaching English spelling.


Rs. 16.00

6. Reading a second language – A Manual

K.R. Narayana Swamy

  A book which aims to improve and build up reading efficiency through conventional speed reading techniques. It also seeks to build up language competence.  The book contains passages for timed reading.


Rs. 25.00

7. Reading a second language – A Manual – Student Guide

K.R. Narayana Swamy

A necessary supplement to the teaching manual for reading, this book contains explanatory notes on grammar, vocabulary and the key to the exercises in the reading lessons.


Rs. 10.00

8.  Reading in ELT Methods – Volume 1.

S. Velayudhan

This book is a collection of 18 articles which gives an insight into sound pedagogic theories and assists in classroom practice.  The young teachers of English are sure to benefit from the practical wisdom presented here.

Rs. 10.00